Orthodox Christening Supplies By The Perfect Occasion

During an Orthodox Christening the baby is emerged naked in water expressing the fact that through this sacrament Christ cleanses us of all sins. Then Olive oil is blessed by the Priest and applied by him to the baby’s forehead, breast, back, hands, feet, ears, mouth, in order to dedicate the baby to the service of Christ. The godparent then covers the entire body of the baby with olive oil expressing a prayer that with Christ's help the baby may be able to elude the grip of sin and evil.
The baby is then dried and dressed in his Christening outfit. Traditionally the godparent must provide everything required for this ceremony, including the towels, the oil, the oil sheet and oil cap, soap and all the baby’s undergarments and Christening clothing.
At The Perfect Occasion we specialise in putting such Orthodox Church Packages together and can provide you with a simple or more decorative package depending on your budget and style.
These Church Sets can be packaged in Boxes or Bags (please refer to our Boxes and bags Category) and decorated to match the theme of your christening. Matching candles to complete your set can also be provided.
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