Catholic Wedding Candles

Candles during a Catholic or Christian Wedding Ceremony are very symbolic as they symbolize the union of two hearts / two lives. Usually a set of three candles is needed, one for the bride and groom and a smaller one for each of the families. These candles will remain with the Bride and Groom and their respective families for ever.
The Perfect Occasion will be delighted to design and personalise your set of wedding candles for your special day. At The Perfect Occasion you will find Pillar candles in 2” or 3” in diameter and in various lengths starting from 6” to 12” and available in both round or square shape.
Our professional staff will lovingly tailor make our Wedding candles to suit the theme, colour and general ambience of your wedding ceremony. Delicate fabrics, quality ribbons and embellishments that suit your ceremony theme will be used.
Pictured in the Gallery below are just some of our Catholic Wedding Candles. Visit The Perfect Occasion store to view our range and talk to our staff about having your own designed.
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